Experimentation Level: This could be made as a separete level of proficiency in crafting that allows players to produce better stats in items depending on their level. Meaning the more skilled to are the better items you can produce.

Randomness in Crafting: Introducing some randomness into crafting could make this alot more fun. Giving players the chance (even if miniscule and percentage based) of creating a rare or even legendary item could make all the grinding take a new meaning. Players that maxed out their skill level in their profecion could have a possivility of producing superior lower level items and therefore giving them an incentive to go back and craft somthing for the new guys or the fresh LvL 50.

If randomness is intruced to crafting make it such that players have to possivility (again even if it is small and percentage based) of creating real SUPERIOR items that could be desireble to veteran lvl 50 players. If implemented correctly this will greatly change how people perceive crafting and could enjoy more the game thing to craft that superior piece of equipment...

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