Rather than rewarding players with gear and prestige ranks that give access to more powers that make it easier to succeed in pvp, why not reward players with titles and fluff (like outfits for wardrobe or pets)?

As a fresh 50, pvp in the warfronts is really not fun. Looking forward to losing most of the time, or feeling as though I'm hardly contributing until I amass the prestige and favor that I need in order to compete with those who have been playing at 50 for a couple of months, is a drag.

Warfronts pre-50 were a blast. Nobody has gear or special powers, or any sort of edge.

This model for pvp is a failed model for fun. It discourages people from participating. Why not choose a model that encourages people to play, rather than go for the grindy, old-school idea of having to endure months of punishment in order to find the fun?

The more I play punishing mmos, the smaller my capacity to enjoy playing them becomes. Over time, this lessens my satisfaction with the game in general.