I looked through this thread but didnt see this issue specifically listed: UIneedsrequestsetc

This has been complained about since early beta but still not fixed. When in raid style group I CAN NOT select the bottom person in my group with an F# key. In regular group window I can select everyone using F1-F5 but in raid the bottom person has no F# key and I can select myself twice?? This is ridiculous. I know the only class that cares about this is healers, for curing, healing etc and I can't be the only person who heals via targeting and numberpad key. I know theres alot of healers out there using the mouseheal method, but I don't. I WANT to be able to select everyone in my group whether I'm in raid or group UI and I SHOULD be able to. I've never seen a game with this issue before, EQ/EQ2/WoW etc. Please fix this!

Also noticed a bug yesterday. I have a daily quest from sanctum to do a rift event and kill an NPC at the end, theres a bunch of them so it doesnt matter specifically which one. We changed the group window over to raid style because well, group window sucks, and I was NOT ABLE to share the quest. We disbanded and went back to group style UI and I WAS ABLE to share the quest??? Why can we not share quests in raid but we can in group? I have to assume this is a bug.

Whats really annoying about this raidwindow selection thing is how long its been complained about and not fixed! Seriously I like this game but this is aggrevating.