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Thread: Optoins when doing the Crafting dailys

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    Default Optoins when doing the Crafting dailys

    One of the biggest problems I see with the crafting daily's is that while almost all of the crafting professions have 2 branches, the crafting daily's only use one.

    This suggestion it to allow for a choice when doing the crafting daily's.

    For example:
    Presently you need to do cloth boots for the Outfitter crafting daily.

    My suggestion is that you get the choice of doing either cloth boots or leather boots, this is very important if you are a leather wearer and have butcher as well.

    The same can go with the Artisan crafting daily which requires you to make wood items, but totally ignores metal items.

    With my suggestion you can choose either metal or wood to do the crafting daily. Again this is important if you have Mining but not Foraging.

    Not much difference between Chain and Plate but the option should still be there; and weapon-smith has both wooden weapons and metal weapons so the options are clear.

    The only profession that does not have a branch is the Runecrafter, which probably does not need it since all of the components are transferable.

    I feel that this will make the crafting daily's more viable since it uses up both the branches of the profession and not just one.
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    I do the outfitter dailies almost everyday and I get a mix of cloth and leather. Sometimes its soulbind leather boots other days its spellspun boots. Not sure its broken, maybe you just have bad luck with the cloth being assigned as your daily.

    As an artificer though every day is something wood. Staffs/wands etc. I have alot of ore but I've never yet gotten a daily that has me make rings or necklaces etc. Not sure if thats intended or if I'm just in the same position you are with the cloth, just bad luck.
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    I get a mix of cloth and leather on oufitter. On artificer it's mostly wood, but yesterday I got Chromite Totems, which was metal bars. Agree that more options would be good, though.

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