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Thread: Slow down leveling (just a wee bit)

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    Default Slow down leveling (just a wee bit)

    I would like to recommend a slight slow down on the rate at which XP is given. One you level entirely to fast. So fast in fact you will never finish all the content in an area before it turns green/grey.

    I am a casual player these days, and you would think coming from a casual gamer that I would love the fact I can log in 2 nights in a week and gain 4 to 5 levels. I guess after playing games like Vanguard, and Aion I feel like Half the game has passed me by in the short time I have been here.

    Hope I dont get flamed to much for this recommendation.

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    It's the rested xp boost. If you level slowly, you're basically getting double to xp when you do play. If you level 2 characters at once, you can switch back and forth and keep them both runnin on rested xp,

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