1) Some way to force mobs to come to us--this is for when we are dealing with mobs that are just almost in range of other mobs (which is most of them) or will be in range of a pather. Something like shield throw silences for 3 seconds, so the caster mob is forced to move to you, so the tank has the ability to position a mob at least a little.

2) AOE aggro abilities should not require a mob in melee range to work. I am seeing this one with the warlord ability, promise of steel I think it is called, that is supposed to hit and aggro multiple mobs. Iit does, but only if the target mob is already in melee range. The times I need this ability are very often when my group is getting bum-rushed, and it takes extra time to have to lock on a mob, then position it, THEN AOE taunt. Just make the ability work as long as the mob is within the effective range of the ability.

Yes, I know I have other AOE taunts, but that is the one on the short CD.