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Thread: Grays Aggroing from Too Far Away

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    Default Grays Aggroing from Too Far Away

    A friend and myself, having played a couple weeks, are both are in the high 20s, and we've found we get a ton of aggro from long-gray mobs. This leaves us with two less-than appealing, but unchallenging and equally annoying options: stop, defeat the pushover mobs, and continue, or flee, just slowly from the debuff, sometimes getting dismounted until we escape the aggro. Today we did a little research.

    At L27, I could get within a few feet of an L7 aggressive mob. So a mob's aggro radius does shrink drastically if you're a significantly higher level.


    However, a gray L18 would still aggro me from what appeared to be normal radius. Seems a little absurd that a pushover mob that doesn't give any EXP would still aggro from that far.


    We tested this with a few other mobs, and even ones in the low to mid-teens still had a pretty high aggro radius. It just seems unnecessary, in that it's not a challenge to deal with them, it's just time consuming and frustrating.

    As a second note, the debuff earned when you get hit in the back while fleeing could use to be diminished or removed from gray mobs as well.

    Personally, I like the Final Fantasy XI style of handling mob aggro, where worthless mobs that are pushovers and offer no EXP at your given level simply don't aggro, at all. But even the WoW leniency of handling it would be an improvement, where once it goes gray, the aggro radius drops to the minimum.

    Before the flames come, it's not a big deal, I'm quite enjoying the game. Just something that would be nice to see adjusted at some point.

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    maybe it's because of how far I'm scrolled out (about half way), but I weave through greens all of the time and mostly avoid aggro. Of course maybe these mobs have a fairly low aggro % chance too

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    Amen to the OP. This is something that Trion needs to tweak. It isn't fun, and does not add the the "challenging gameplay that makes the game worthwhile" to have to slog through mobs everywhere you go.

    So amen to the reduced aggro, and to the reduced slow from behind (and to knocking you off your mount).

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