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Thread: Suggestion to balance the ranged DPS classes

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    Default Suggestion to balance the ranged DPS classes

    So there is a lot of griping on these forums. And it's pretty much always the same: Everyone demands buffs for their class because class X is so much better. It goes on for awhile, but always devolves due to people's familiarity with classic RPG roles. (Honestly, people need to forget WoW and the classic RPG. Rift's class system is supposed to be very different; Rogues don't have to DPS, Clerics don't have to heal, and Warriors don't have to tank.)

    Anyhow, it's particular egregious in ranged DPS. This is because, in the end, everybody stands around and sees who can output more damage and/or survive the damage. So why not introduce a new element into it all? Adjust spell range.

    Give Warrior spells 20 range, Mage spells 25, Rogue spells 30, and Cleric spells 35.

    Then this way, playing style must be taken into account. Clerics have range, so they can stay in way back to lob single-target DPS or heals; a DPS Cleric is a mobile kiter. Mages have better raw damage, but have to get closer to use it; a DPS Mage is a nuker. Rogues are in between both.
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