Hi dev

I am really struggling with changing soul specs after playing alot of pvp.
I turned lvl 50 a month ago and being playing pvp alot and hardly have any platinum.
I have around 5 platinum, and i usually change specs every 2nd or third day, just to refresh the enjoyment.

By the way i only have 3 role, can't afford buying other roles.

Can you please help those who plays pvp alot?

It just frustrating that i can't try new specs, thats the only thing makes me keep playing rift.

PVP players need some sort of concession. 50g is too much for me to change spec.

Btw i don't like grinding, its just not for me.. its like playing with a dead chicken..

Possible solution is increase the gold drop in warfronts, increase daily pvp quest rewards, increase the number of dailies.. 1 or 2 dailies are not enough...

Anyway devs need to consider pvp rewards..