One of my biggest peeves about the game is the resistance system. elemental based mobs can be harmed by their own element. and player based elemental resistance is trivial at best. So I got to thinking how that should be changed, but then I though further, and wondered if a similar system could be applied to players.

I was thinking each soul could be attributed with an element. As you put points into that soul you gain resistance for a specific element but lose resistance for another. Some souls gain multiple resistances but lose multiple resistances. Pretty classic opposing element system.

Fire - Water
Earth - Air
Life - Death

This could add further depth to the souls. One could build for effective resistance against specific elements or build to have neutral resistances. This would also make for a greater variety in tanks as certain dungeons may call for more resistance to a certain element. Or even situations for non tank tanking and greater party survivability from elemental based AoE.