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Thread: Please open Oceanic server time servers

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    Default Please open Oceanic server time servers

    Please open Oceanic server time servers when 1.3 comes up for all the non-US living people to congregate at. Its hard to find people with the similar times to play for us non-US living people. "Unofficial" servers aside.

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    not needed, already got a good number of people on the unofficial servers Wolfsbane is High during Oceanic prime time

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    Default 400+ queues

    As Trion did not nominate an Oceanic preferred PVP and PVE server, Wolfsbane has 400+ queues on (AEST time) from about 11am to about 5pm both Sat and Sun.

    The reason for this is that the prime times for both US and Oceanic players coincide at these times. It's interesting to note exactly the same thing happened on Khazgoroth in WOW - a server nominated as an Oceanic server but all new players were accidentally directed there (including US based players)

    I guess when server transfers come in the problem may ease - but without some definite assistance and direction from Trion I can't really see it going away.
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