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Thread: More Macro Slots

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    Default More Macro Slots

    Dear Trion,

    I know that this has been mentioned before but I'll go ahead and add my voice to the masses anyways. With a 5th role and only 25 macro slots, i have not been able to actually utilize my 5th role properly. As a warrior with so many reactive abilities, it would be extremely inefficient to play without macros, and I'm not exactly a fan of whack-a-mole, to be quite honest . I know that there are many players in the same boat as I, and i do not believe that this change will have any negative or substantial effect on the game at all.

    Several people have mentioned that it might be better to have, say, 10-15 macro slots per role, with the ability to copy/paste certain macros from your other roles. I would certainly support this idea as it is much more organized than the current system, which forces you to scroll through 25 macro slots that cannot even be moved around. Currently, i imagine that there are a good number of players who are not yet able to make use of that 5th role because of a rather minor yet critical issue.

    I apologize in advance if you are already working on adding this capability to the game in the near future.


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