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Thread: Suggestion: Item locater/amount tracker

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    Default Suggestion: Item locater/amount tracker

    I used to play WoW. I had many alts and one thing I liked was in a mod called Altoholic. They had a feature where if you moused over an item in inventory, it told you which of your characters had one, how many they had, and if it was in the bank or bags.

    I know Rift has the bag search, but seeing an inventory summary about an item when mousing over saved a ton of time locating things and saved me from having to log onto 6 characters and go through their stuff to find something. this was especially helpful when leveling professions.

    This little thing is the only thing I miss from my old UI.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I liked Altoholic too.

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    Wait for the API.
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