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Thread: interactive pets

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    Default interactive pets

    What if we had an item say a leash of some sort that allowed us to have up to 4 vanity pets out at the same time, and just to make it more fun what if said pets had ai written to not always get along, play, etc. It would be awesome to see me gritty kitty and shadetouched hound chaising each other while grinding in stillmoor

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    I'd rather not see multiple companion pets usable at once... Rift has big problems when 40+ models are on the screen at once... and I'm not talking FPS or anything - things just start disappearing.

    /signed for the ai bit.

    Also, check this thread out - it has some similarities to your own ideas and would likely benefit from your feedback:
    Looking for truly dynamic end game content? Looking for legendary PvP, RvR, and RP? Looking for not just player built housing; but entire towns, cities, and empires?
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    k heres my idea .While many believe it to be a key part of mmo game like this and think it could realy add to the game.Others dont want to have worry about it want preassigned pets while i understand both sides i would like the opertunity to tame my own pet for stats looks and fighting style. for instance i have a ranged cleric i love but the pets suck i would like to tame a tank pet which isnt available for clerics now by the way and a ranger might want a healing pet so on so forth.So i came up with an idea to make all happy make beast taming a crafting skill!you could tame beasts and sell them on the ah i mean theirs already mount and pet catagories in the ah now!they should leave current pets alone and if u want something unique u can tame or by a tamed pet!

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