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Thread: In game Bulletin or Announcement Board

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    Default In game Bulletin or Announcement Board

    I would like to suggest the implementation of an in-game Bulletin or Announcement Board in each of the major cities. This would be a nice way of informing the shard population of player initiated events.

    Guilds currently have a MOTD, but no real means of communicating to a broader audience without spamming one of the "/" channels. An Announcement Board would allow a guild or player to communicate with the shard without spamming the chat channels.

    The shard forums are available, but from what I have noticed the majority of players do not actively read them. An in-game Announcement Board could easily fill this communication gap.

    Announcement Example: <Rift Guild> will be hosting a squirrel fishing party in Silverwood on Tuesday at 5:00 PM server time. Meet on the Sanctum bridge 30 minutes prior to join the party. Don't forget to bring your bait! /t playername for more details.

    I think this could be a helpful tool in building stronger communities within each shard.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I don't want even more clutter. I find the website and 3rd-party websites to be adequate.

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