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Thread: More space for everyone

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    Default More space for everyone

    Thanks Trion for all your efforts on keeping an open road to the comunity , we all know that you guys are trying your best on making a fun to play mmo.

    Here are some sugestions that where used in other mmos that could realy help the players.

    1 Guild Bank or guild warhouse whatever you want to call it...
    2 Crafting bag, bigger bag where you could only store crafting matts.
    3 or mabye part of n2 - Mounts could have storage like saddlebags
    4 This the most importante 1 ... 10 slots of the storage could be server slots so i didnt have to spend so much cash sending all the mats i gather with my main to my alt for crafting. So all my char on the same shard would share those 10 slots

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    good stuff

    I like the Mount storage idea

    Server Storage is good idea too like EQ2

    Maybe bigger bags with future expansions, could be a selling point for them hehe

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