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Thread: Blackout: Boss encounter idea(Reposted for appropriate forum)

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    Default Blackout: Boss encounter idea(Reposted for appropriate forum)

    I had this originaly posted on the raid and dungion forums, but I think here might work too: Here's an idea I had for what my friends figured could be an interesting Instance encounter, and I wanted to know from the community what they thought of it.

    Anyway, the encounter starts with the group entering a large, circular room lined with several torches, and sitting in the absolute center would be the boss(A humanoid of somesuch, not really that imposing). He has about as much health as a 'Big' elite mob, and his attacks are trivial at best. So when your group eventually kills him (wipe on this stage and lols to you) and you go to loot him... Suddenly all of the torches go out, and the boss lets out a horrible noise that sends everyone in the group scattering in fear while he does his generic 'LOL I'm not dead and now you'll suffer' monologue.
    Once the fear subsides, you're all left in absolute darkness (visibility cut down to about melee range), and everyone within the darkness gains a stacking debuff that increases the damage they take and reduces the healing they take (That and the darkness adds LoS effect). The boss will also pick a player who's in the darkness at random and strike at them, the initial damage is low, but adding the debuff it could cause some issues if you're in for too long. Oh, and the boss is unattackable.
    How do you beat him? Well if you remember the torches, a party member can find one and light it to make a 'safe' zone of about ten yards across from the middle that removes the debuff and makes you unable to be targeted by his random attack. Once all players are inside the boss is forced into the light and becomes attackable. (Remember though, since he randomly picks players to attack while they're in the darkness the less people in darkness the more likely he is to attack the same people so book it when you see the light zone pop up.). The boss's next trick? Once the torch is lit, it has a timer on it until the boss destroys it, and once it's destroyed the group is once again sent scattering in fear and it's rince and repeat. The group has limited torches, so use them wisely, and make sure to coordinate.
    For ideas for the heroic(or expert) version, added mobs that spawn that try and attack and destroy the torches early. As well as infrequent Mind control effects that could cause a player to run from the light source(weather they're in it or not), but move extra slow and/or can be snared/stunned. That or make phase two in itself a heroic only encounter.

    Well, that's my idea. Sorry there are no fancy numbers or technical stuff, I'm honestly bad at all of that. I just figured an outline idea would be just as good. Also, sorry for bad grammar, english isn't my strong suite, even if it's my native language.

    Quick Edit: Might come up with visual concepts and dialogue
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