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Thread: pet taming

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    Cool pet taming

    this has probably been talked about before but i couldnt find much on it. iwhat posts i veiwed seemed split 50/50 on pet taming.While many believe it to be a key part of mmo game like this and think it could realy add to the game.Others dont want to have worry about it want preassigned pets while i understand both sides i would like the opertunity to tame my own pet for stats looks and fighting style. for instance i have a ranged cleric i love but the pets suck i would like to tame a tank pet which isnt available for clerics now by the way and a ranger might want a healing pet so on so forth.So i came up with an idea to make all happy make beast taming a crafting skill!you could tame beasts and sell them on the ah i mean theirs already mount and pet catagories in the ah now!they should leave current pets alone and if u want something unique u can tame or by a tamed pet!

    let me know what u think and your ideas thanks

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