Hi! I have only played Rift for slightly less than a week and I have to say it's been a great experience so far, thank you Trion.

First of all I have to say that I really like the character customization, there is so much freedom and there are many choices you have to make. I played WoW for a really long time and every class and spec I played, the talent points usually more or less fall nicely together, that is not the case in Rift. I feel that I almost always have to make a choice, to give up something for something else when I spec my character in Rift, and that is a great thing.

Some may say that Rift's customization system still boils down to only a few viable options per Calling. Maybe, but the current number of options is still very nice.

Now a few things that can use some improvements, in my opinion.

Besides leveling I have mainly been doing Warfronts, PvP has always been my cup of tea. I mainly play a Bladedancer rogue, and I have noticed a few problems I always run into.

Diminishing return: I have just learned recently from a forum post that the DR in Rift are only categorized into two groups. That is way too few! There are a great number of effects that are affected by DR, and the main method of PvP currently is Warfront, which means a lot of people. These make players' control or snare effects rarely work at all. To make things worse, I have noticed that when a new effect is applied and another effect in the same DR group is already active on the target, the new effect will overwrite the old. To give an example, playing my bladedancer, I got a Maim on my target, and my target gained some distance from me by knocking me back; now my first reaction would naturally be using Flash of Steel to charge at the target. But now my Maim on the target is gone, replaced by a 1 second root, in addition to the fact that the target can no longer be snared now. All this put together basically means that, as long as my enemy still has one knock back/blink type cooldown left, I will never catch up to them and land a single hit on them. Sure I can pop Sprint, but that is on a 2 minute cooldown which is much longer than any knock back or blink effects. I understand that there needs to be some class dynamic in a mmo where one class would beat another but lose to some third class. I have no problem if a certain class can kite me easily and effectively, but the matter of the fact is, pretty much every single class can do what I just described and effectively make me useless. The only time I can actually land continuous hits on someone is when I'm fighting another melee character. Again, I have no problem if I have trouble against one or two classes that can easily kite me, but I pretty much can't do anything to half of the game right now.

My suggestions about the DR problem would be breaking DRs into more different categories. Stuns are usually used to kill someone while things like Blinding Powder is used to keep someone out of the fight, why should they share the same DR when they are not even meant to be used on the same kind of target? WoW has a very nicely set up DR system, and looking at its system would definitely be helpful. I'm sorry if you guys are tired of getting compared to WoW, I'm not saying WoW is better than Rift. I don't think WoW is better than Rift, but this certain aspect of WoW is definitely more well organized and functional.

In a nutshell, WoW's DR system put stuns in two DR groups, controlled stuns that stun 100% of the time as long as the ability lands, and uncontrolled stuns that happen randomly when some ability lands. Other CC effects that are mainly used to keep someone out of a fight are put into another two different groups because there are a great number of CC effects. Beside these, roots are on their own group separated into controlled and uncontrolled, silences are on their own group, disarms are on their own group, and lastly, interrupts and snares are not affect by DR. This system truly groups only effects that are similar to each other and makes much more sense logically. If anything it would be more sense for Rift to be less strict on DR groups. WoW developers have to balance around arena, and of course it would be really unfair if a 2-person team can indefinitely lock out one person out of the only two on the other team. Currently Rift PvP can only be balanced around either 1v1 or Warfronts, in either case it makes no sense to make DR groups so strict; there aren't enough effects in a 1v1 for this to make a difference, and having 1 person completely locked out in a Warfront is not nearly as bad as having your only partner completely locked out, not to mention the possibility of dispels. WoW has been around for years and Rift only came out few months ago, WoW's system is inevitably much more refined, so don't be afraid to use it as a reference!

Another reason to rebalance DR groups is the number of "break free" effects available, I quickly glimpsed over all the classes' soul trees and I found multiple abilities that free a character from movement impairs and control losses in addition to Break Free from their PvP Soul. The powerful DR makes these abilities somewhat pointless.

Certain abilities that give a control effect with a very short duration, such as Flash of Steel root, should be put on a separate group or not be affected by DR at all. I feel like the idea of the 2 second root is to give the rogue the opportunity to snare the target while they are still rooted, so after the root fades the rogue can stay on the target. Currently this might not be possible if the target is already on root DR.

Other abilities such as Nightblade's Dusk to Dawn should also be on its own DR group, because of how the ability works, it's possible for the ability to not do anything at all if the target is currently immune to roots, since the debuff cannot apply, the ability does no damage.

I also need to mention that snares should be taken off of DR groups. Snares are a necessity for melee classes to function. In order to be able to land hits on someone at all, a melee character needs its target snared, or it would need an innately faster run speed. Ranged classes don't need snare as much because they don't need to be right next to someone to function, so snares are just something that are nice to have for them while kiting someone, for melee classes, given the same run speed, it's impossible to land a single hit without using a gap closing cooldown if the target just runs directly away from you. I have run into this kind of situation many many times where I am right behind someone, I am just barely out of range and I can't do anything except charging, which only gets me a 4 second snare if I'm lucky and the target isn't on snare DR already. That doesn't even mean I will have 4 seconds to hit the target, because I have just used a cooldown for basically nothing, and now he can knock me back or blink away, and this time there's really nothing I can do about it. If snares are not affected by DR, I would probably still need to use a charge to get the snare on, I would not be able to stick to a target 24/7 because he can still knock me back or blink away after the charge, but at least now I would be able to run to him since he'll be snared for a good 8 seconds.

Healers are also a big problem in PvP balance. I understand that healers should be hard to kill in 1v1, it only makes sense. Especially if the game is to be balanced around Warfronts, but the matter of fact is healers are pretty much impossible to kill right now, at least for me as a melee character. It seems like all the healers I encounter can outheal my damage with only instant casts. That is a huge problem. Instant cast is an advantage in itself, so there needs to be some drawbacks. The instant cast heals in Rift are way too powerful currently.

Also, dispels. I still don't fully understand how dispels work in Rift, like what effects are dispellable and what effects are not. Playing a rogue, however, I did notice that weapon enchantments like poisons are dispellable, that just feels unnecessary. Especially when the class depends relatively heavily around them.

That was a mouthful, sorry if it sounds like ranting or QQ, here's some problems I saw that don't affect the gameplay very much, but make Rift look kind of bad.

Make cast bars more customizable. The cast bars are extremely small and hard to see, and the only customization available is moving it with the portrait.

Make effects more distinct and more obvious. A lot of different effects and cooldowns don't have distinct and easy to notice visual or sound effects, this makes it hard to notice when someone uses a defensive or offensive cooldown, it would be nice to see these so player can react accordingly. A lot of the effects are generic colored mist around the character, making it very hard to tell what they are without looking at the buff list.

Creature pathing. If a tree is between you and a creature, whether it be a mob or a pet, when it tries to attack you, it will walk around the tree; but the same kind of pathing doesn't happen on low cliffs, pets and creatures would just walk up and down the cliff as if it's not there.

These a just some of my first thoughts on the game, sorry for a long post, looking forward to changes in patch 1.3!