I use the AH frequently. There have been some improvements recently to help people who can't do math, and also to the navigation between fields (yay my directional keys move me between fields!). However, the whole experience is still clunky. I'd like to see some of the following features:
  • Cross-Session Preservation of sort order. Every time I visit the AH I have to re-select my order.
  • A "beat this" or "match this" option for active auctions. My goal would be from the "Browse" interface to click on an existing auction and have a menu pop up to either match the price exactly, or beat by n%.
  • Client side storage of recent AH average prices, added on item stats. This would show (optionally) just below the vendor price.
  • Server side storage and presentation of price history, splitting out "listed" and "sold". More data is good!
  • Support for "buy" orders. Pre-pay the AH rep and either get items as people sell 'em, or your currency back at the end of 12/24/48 hours.
  • Item stat filters in Browse. IE, shields with Wisdom > 10.
  • Option to disable the new "Unit Price" fields.