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Thread: What I'd Like to See in Rift

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    Default What I'd Like to See in Rift

    First, I love this game. I'm not going to list all the great things about Rift (b/c it would take too long), but just what I would like to see in future patches/expansions.

    Above all, I think there should be more invasions and different levels of intensity. It would be cool if there were two invasions at once (like fire and earth) and they were battling eachother while fighting for control of the zone.

    I also think there should be more boss mobs wandering around the zones. Its great that there is an invasion boss (or bosses), but even at 50 I like to be "scared" and "careful" when wandering around zones. The elites wandering around offer some challenge, but a giant boss/unkillable mob wandering around causing destruction would be awesome.

    The higher level the mobs/monsters are, the bigger they should be. At 50, I feel like I'm fighting stronger/more health versions of the same low level mobs in the newbie zones. Scare me, thrill me, offer me a challenge and show me why being 50 is worth it.

    As a random thought, think it would be cool if there were new zones that were almost constantly being invaded or overrun by rifts/tears. I feel like if the world is ending and being torn asunder, there should more of an immediacy in trying to control the rifts. I'm assuming/hoping that the tears or pocket/portal things are a prelude to this.

    If a Rift is left open too long, then I think it should start changing the landscape more and growing bigger. Imagine if a Death Rift is left open overnight, in the morning its huge, and all the trees around it are dead, and it has sprouted a little death town or something like that. And it's just been pouring out death invasions and raid bosses. I just feel that the rifts should be bigger and more world consuming.

    Guild Bank - no explanation needed

    Barber - b/c I'm a girl and constantly like to change my character and make sure I'm pretty. Btw, thank you for the wardrobe tab!!!!

    I also think that the Guardian outfits/armor should be more righteous looking, and the Defiants more dark/techno looking. Right now I can barely tell the difference between the two factions unless their on their mounts.

    I really enjoy this game and hope that it continues to grow. I love how Rift is so much darker than WoW (which had the wimpiest cataclysm imagined), and how you can customize your character and roles so completely. I really appreciate how the developers have been listening to players and really trying to keep the game interesting and evolving, and I would love anyone's opinion on my post as well.
    But if the world is ending, make me feel it!! Thanks for reading!!

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