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Thread: Player Created Communities

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    Default Player Created Communities

    MMOs that offer more than the standard fare set themselves above the fray. Rift has recognized this with things like the invasions, puzzles, etc. I would like to suggest the addition of player communities that include not only housing but also player owned shops. These communties would include:
    1. Instanced zones with varied landscapes, accessed through out of the way portals in the starter areas.
    2. Pre-designated plots of land available for sale within these instances. These plots of land are differentiated only by their size, allowing for player houses, guild houses, and shops to be constructed on them. Size is not a limitation - a player could build whatever size structure they want that fits within the boundaries of the plot of land.
    3. A graphical design tool allows you to plan out your structure and lets you visualize the final product. Walls, roofs, doors, outside fences, ponds, gazebos, etc can be selected and added to the mix, freely moving about to fit within the space. Players can save the design and come back to work on it until they are satisfied with it and choose "build".
    4. Once a design layout is chosen, the player sees a housing tab that lists the materials the player must gather in order to build the structure over time. Wood, fabric, metal, etc are used to build the structure therefore the player must either gather/produce the mats or hire other players to produce the needed materials. As you can imagine, a large amount of materials of different types will be needed therefore this is not something you build overnight (even more challenge with a guild house).
    5. Shops are similar and a shop keeper would need to be hired as an NPC to operate the shop when the player is not around acting as their own vendor (RP if you want). Players visiting the shops are able to buy and sell gear, etc with these vendors. If I were to sell a green sword to the shop keeper (at the value determined by the game as it does now), another player could come along and buy that sword with a markup determined by the shop player owner. The player owner will also add their own items for sale, setting whatever price they choose. The amount of available slots for sale items is based on how much the player wants to purchase (small shop = 30 slots, medium shop = 60, large shop = 90 slots) with players able to upgrade by paying more. These shops of course compete directly with the auction house with the exception that you have to come to that instance to buy/sell.
    6. Trion would add furnishing items to what player crafters can make (rugs, tables, chairs, paintings, etc). These items can be added to the house/shop through a similar visual interface, moving them around to pre-determined slots within the house/shop so folks can decorate their homes or guild houses.

    The idea here is to add to/build on the crafting, role playing, and player economy, adding to the immersive nature of the game.
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    I think you chose the wrong game.

    But, all opinions are welcome.

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    I love these ideas.
    It would be great to have player/guild housing, in fact the whole community idea is great.
    Whether it ever happens is another thing.

    3 thumbs up!

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    Thumbs down

    All bad ideas.
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