Note: I see that when people compare RIFT with WoW lots of people flame, I'm going to be doing a some comparison and ask that you don't hate. (even though I think that RIFT is far better, haven taken and improved all the good aspects of WoW).

I've thought of two main things which I think would improve the game:

- Armour - as much as I love the armour in the game, nothing looks particularly spectacular. The NPC's often look amazing compared to us players, sometimes even the level 50's don't compare. When I first played RIFT, I actually struggled to distinguish between high level and low level characters just by looking at their armour, whereas on other games like Runescape and WoW, it's easily noticable.

I don't think that you should go over board with the armour, like on WoW, but you know what I mean. You could even intergrate armour types into the game, like Ice, Fire, Dragon etc.

- Fast Travelling - I've got a good reason for this. Laugh if you want, but when I was a noob (which I still am) I travelled to the defiant's capital and got stuck in the city, every time I tried to leave I got mauled by loads of level 18's. And then I thought 'if only I could fast travel'. So I thought it would be good if fast travelling was implimented into the game only between major cities.

Was only a short write, please be open minded!