I think that this game would be better with..

Guild Clubhouses: pretty self explanatory.
Guild Bank: as above
Oceanic Shards: i log on at say 6pm local time. the shard is dead. there are 13 other people online. If there was a oceanic shard then id log on at 6 and who knows, maybe be able to find a group in LFG or there would be people doing invasions. You're making character transfers, why not make shards that are uniquely Australian/Oceanic. I mean you really only need to make 1 at the start. I'm just saying that more people will play if when i went to show them the game i dont see another person the whole time (including major cities)

These are just suggestions. I doubt that Trion will do anything about the Australian Shard either.
Why make a suggestions part if you don't take suggestions?