I would really like to see the option for the player to be able to view more information on the raid frames.

Currently they only show health bars, player's name, and current role type (tank, DPS, heals, support), but there is more than enough space to have them show mana/energy bars along with the percentage both are at. The frame for each player could easily be divided in half and still have both bars and %'s easily visible along with the debuffs that are affecting players.

Having health %'s would help healers better time their big heal spells, and showing mana/energy bars would help support classes to know when would be the most beneficial time to use their regen cool downs like verse of joy.

Also doing this would help to alleviate the arguments between people who like to use raid frames in 5 mans over ones who prefer the party frames in 5 mans (not that it's a huge argument that's destroying the community or anything, but happy players are always nice :P)