I've been playing Port of Scion for quite some time now and have been watching the different WF mechanics. Port is quite often won based on who holds the bridge. This is not always the case, but a high percentage of the time. I am proposing a change that would make Port much more interesting and result in the lead changing hands more often (or at least making it easier).

Currently, the assault forces that are released from quests go the south route towards the enemy starting point. While this does have it's uses, it doesn't really affect the outcome of battles.

My proposal - have the quest assault forces path south and then up the middle to the bridge, and then through to the opposing faction boss.

This would allow a team who has lost (or never gained from the beginning) the bridge, to complete some quests and add a few assault forces to their charge on the bridge, possibly turning the tide of battle.

The heroes should continue to path as normal to aid in the south route to killing the enemy boss.