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Thread: Dungeon difficulty settings

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    Default Dungeon difficulty settings

    Every since 1.2 there has been sort of a casual vs hardcore war going on in the forums. Every company should know that you need to cater to both because casuals give the numbers but the hardcore give the time and loyalty.

    I'm primarily a console gamer, and one of the primary ways companies cater to both is to change the game to both. I mean difficulty settings. I'm not suggesting a setting for the whole game, but rather that the expert dungeons have 2 different difficulty settings; normal and hard. DDO did something like this but I think they had 3 difficulty settings. I don't think Rift would need 3, just 2.

    You would need to make it so that playing hard has an advantage over normal, but not so much that people feel like they have to play it on hard. Basically what I think should be done is that normal can stay how it is. Hard can increase the gold dropped by enemies (to compensate for dying more), have enemies give a little more notoriety (to compensate for taking more time), and have equipment items drop more often. However plaque of achievement rewards should stay the same for both normal and hard so, again, that people don't feel forced to play on hard. After 1.2 the plaque gear is better than dropped gear in dungeons.

    For the LFG tool you could either make another tab for hard experts or just have the LFG tool only find groups for normal while having people who want to do hard mode find their teams the old fashioned way.
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