Good Morning Trion,

End game content in my personal opinion has been thought out well thus far, pertaining to raids, dungeons, achievements, ect.. ( Of course we all know there is always more on the way ) Perhaps a suggestion for future development in the essence of competitive nature, a way to have same faction Guild vs Guild PvP Battles, an examples could possibly be:

* [Guild A] has declared war upon [Guild B] / [Guild B] Accepts the challenge. From that point Players within either guild will be flagged for PvP with each other ( Whether this is restricted to contested zones only, Outside of Cities or Free for all Anywhere ). [Guild B] requests "Peace" from [Guild A]. [Guild A] accepts. (End of Guild vs Guild). Or, [Guild A] Declines, (Battle continues for designated duration, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month ect..)

* Another system which could possibly be of interest to players would perhaps be an instance in which Guild compete PvPvE for Selected zones. ( Once a week, or every other week, ect..) In which the Guild who triumphs gains perks while within the desired zone i.e. 10% Gold drop increase, 3% Experience/Favor/Prestige/Loot Increase, Higher Defense, all just examples.

Though I may be ahead of myself with these suggest and they may or may not already be in the works, or they may have been already declined, I believe it would make for a more intertwined atmosphere between players. It could add Storylines for RP servers, add same faction PvP for the PvP servers and create a more competitive aspect within PvE servers.

Thank you for your time Trion,