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Thread: Boredom at Level 50

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    Default Boredom at Level 50

    I'm a quester at heart. Have done absolutely every one I have seen while running the whole world. Dungeons offer almost nothing for me anymore, I stockpile my plaqs, All PvE reps maxed, Non-PvP'er, Solo Achievements (Non-Artifact) minus Gloamwood (Prepping for that one) done, All I have left is Raids and Farming mats for raids, Whenever a guildie logs in I usually ask if they need help with something. Today I found myself talking to a gold spammer for 4 hours (The conversation was kinda 1 sided.) So, I ask myself what can I do to help my character evolve now?

    I would like to have:
    More Flavor Items ( Clickies that make the game more fun, such as one that makes you into a Baby Scarn )
    Profession Epic questline
    Epic Rune Questline - We are given the Shrouded Rune at level 1, just make this an upgrade or perhaps one that we can put on a jewelry slot?

    Advancement System for Abilites: ( Gain Xp for these )
    Immune to roots of mobs 25 levels below you ( This is much needed )
    Immune to snares of mobs 25 levels below you
    Ability to remain mounted while being hit or be able to take more damage than normal til you get dismounted
    Run Speed boost
    Ability to change Roles without stopping (Instant cast)

    I'd like to ask that the Advancement System is not overly combat oriented due to the fact that the game has been dumbed down enough. Just put in more purpose-oriented stuff. Always moving forward.
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    I agree with the principle of what you are asking. Some of your specifics, like being dismounted less, being immune to roots/snares of mobs way below you, I think should be givens for all players, not justlevel 50's who have alternate advancement points.

    EQ did this at one point--once you were level capped you had AA points that allowed you to significantly increase your abilities.They wound up going away from that system because characters were too powerful, but that can easily be set in advance to not be a problem.

    Personally I would not mind being able to earn more skill points, even though, yes, that would impact combat balance. With 66 points I am unlikely to fully utilize any tree, or if I do, I have a very unbalanced character.

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