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Thread: Account Bound Items / Planar Stone Conversions

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    Default Account Bound Items / Planar Stone Conversions

    Not sure how everyone feels about this, but I would like to see some form of account bound items. Heirloom items that level with you and are account bound so you can send them back to alts and reuse them.

    I know 'other games' have them, and they were really cool.

    One way to do this would be to have a planar vendor in the home cities that could allow you to trade lower stones for upper ones and vice versa. Then have a vendor that sold heirloom items that took a particular stone you had to trade for. Similar to the plaque vendors but with planar items.

    We all have planar stones building up, and yes we can now trade them for planarite, but I think this system would work very well. It would also add a new dynamic to the game for players that like to build alts.

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    All items should be account bound until equipped and transferrable to your other characters through the use of a shared bank system. At the very minimum, currencies should be shared through all toons. Those low level shards would be a lot more useful for my alts and so would all the useless Plaques of Achievement.
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