Like in many other MMO's, where we can turn off spell effects from other players, I would like to see this implemented in 1.3. When in a heavy raid now, the screen lags badly ( seems to have gotten worse over time ). Granted, I don't have a very super powerful VGA card ( Nvidia GTX 550 Ti ), but I like to run the game in high res mode ( I see more, it looks better ) but I don't care about seeing someone else's fireball effects on the boss. In fact, it makes the boss fights ridiculously unreal. All I see on big world bosses is a massive ball of "plasma" ( which is made up for a ton of fireballs / lightning and all the other spell effects ).

In short : Please allow us to turn OFF spell effects from other players. It will dramatically increase game speed. Also, I would like to reduce further the graphics settings ( an "Ultra Low (you probably don't want this)" setting , except I'm pretty sure I do want this ) which makes the people look more squarish, less detailed, so I can have a fluent raid again.