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Thread: Different colored Source Machines

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    Default Different colored Source Machines

    I keep several source machines on hand, each optimized for various roles. It's a little annoying when digging though my bags changing gear to have to examine the stats on each one to make sure I'm actually wearing the right one. Granted it's not a gigantic deal, but the stat differences between them are very small, especially when dealing with spell resist engines.

    I propose that the Source Machine vendors sell several versions of the same 2 greater 4 lesser engines, each with a different background color glow. I could fill a Green one with my chloromancer sources, the red with my DPS, blue with spell resist, etc, and be able to tell at a glance in my bags which is which.

    Unrelated, but is it possible to modify my forum username at all, either myself or with the help of a forum mod? I kind of fat fingered an extra capital letter and its really bugging me. =)

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    This is an awesome idea.
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