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Thread: Suggestion: Difficulty settings

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    Default Suggestion: Difficulty settings

    In the Halo franchise, there is a setting that allows the player to play at different levels. I think the community would have a lot of fun with choosing their own difficulty when entering a dungeon or open a rift. Maybe they need to farm stuff to access the higher levels, but still. You already have Normal and Expert, but I'm thinking of something a little more scalable. The higher the setting, the denser the trash mobs are, the harder they hit, the tougher they are, the larger their aggro radius, the better the AI. Maybe start with Easy, Normal, Expert, Legendary, Suicide, Ultra I, Ultra II, etc. I wouldn't reward players with better gear necessarily but maybe with titles, achievements, wardrobe goodies, pets, etc.

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    all for extra settings. I might not ever use them, but I like the idea of people who want an extra challenge getting it.

    No special loot past expert though, cause then its not cause they want an extra challenge, they want extra gear. Titles and wardobe could be good though.

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