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Thread: Suggestion: In-game voice chat

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    Default Suggestion: In-game voice chat

    I think it would be valuable to have an option to join a voice chat channel with party/raid members for pugs. Preferably it would be low bandwidth overhead (phone quality would be fine) and have some rudimentary controls for PTT and muting people.

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    I would rather see a plug in for ventrillo and teamspeak added. Built in voice wouldn't be worth the development costs for Trion imo. Especially since finding a friend with a server for either is rather easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyWok View Post
    I think it would be valuable to have an option to join a voice chat channel with party/raid members...
    With the recient announce of how Trion is going about shard transfers in 1.3


    I strongly support the idea of adding an IN-GAME voice chat.

    Guild leaders would probably appreciate not seeing 35221654 unknown people logging off and on to their Teamspeak/Ventrillo servers 24/7
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    When it's ready...... You wouldn't want it released before it was ready, right? And you wouldn't want us to hold it back after it was ready, right?
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