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Thread: Archmage soul: Phase Shift

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    Default Archmage soul: Phase Shift

    hi, i would like to share my feelings About Archmage soul: Phase Shift. The thing i dont like in this that it's very useless cast, why ?
    Not to mention about 5 minutes cooldown, but worst part of it is that it uses CHARGE.
    This is highly unfair - rogues can be immune for 11 seconds juts pressing button & cooldown is twice shorter, same as warrior.
    Now imagine pvp 1vs1. I play against rogue & he instantly make him self immune & during that 11 seconds im very dead. i could use Phase shift, but i cant, the duel just started so i got no chagrge to defend myself. i really would like to see this Phase shift taking mana or just no cost. Mage needs charge for everything, it's not likely that i will have charge in moment that i need to use phase shift & sometimes i did use Phase Shift & i was immune just 1 second becouse charge was gone.

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    This just in: PvP in MMO's is not based around 1 versus 1 duels, but instead based around group dynamics.

    More at 11,

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    Phase shift is big failure, u could put in 20 points something more handy but 5 min. cooldown & charge combination together is a joke. mage have no defense line comparing to other callings.

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