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Thread: Gamble reward for crafting work orders

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    Default Gamble reward for crafting work orders

    Ok so i maybe spent 100 plat doing work orders and no plaque ,maybe just really unlucky.
    everyone likes a flutter now and again so why not when handing in workorders ,gives us crafter some nice incentive to actually make the work orders fun.
    say when u hand in your workorder to the npc you get a standad cash reward of say scalable plat rewards depending on the level of work order accomplished.
    then the npc would ask you ."would you like to gamble"
    a random card or some form of numerical dice would show and you have to guess higher or lower.
    reward loot could be a pick of plat, plaques or gear.
    regards ..

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    Sorry, but that sounds kinda dumb.

    There are plenty of ways to get Plaques now, and if you bought your mats from the AH, you're not allowed to complain about spending 100p.

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    agreed, and the current packs you get for doing the work orders are aready a gamble.

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