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Thread: New System to help Cleric tanking (just an idea) Magic

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    Default New System to help Cleric tanking (just an idea) Magic

    just a little about me 1st, im MT Leading GSB and 10 man instances (PuG ;-))

    12,000 hp +
    24% parry ( i know cap 20% .. i just cant reduce lol)
    45% block (with spell)
    using Cab / Just / Shammy spec....
    Name: NaZReD
    Server: BloodIron
    Guild: Drunk dragons


    This is just a little idea i've had (im sorry if someone else has thought about this but i just came up with it this morning)

    we have the Block skill using conviction why not have a magic resistance same idea?

    convert convictions into resistances but them limit our convictions i.e.

    4 convictions are max.

    build up 4 convictions

    Transfer 1 into resistance = 20 for each resistance
    Transfer 2 into resistance = 40 for each resistance
    Transfer 3 into resistance = 60 for each resistance
    Transfer 4 into resistance = 80 for each resistance

    at each stage then it will reduce the amount of convictions you can build up.

    i.e. at 4 transfers into magic resistance i wouldnt be able to generate healing spell or block spell
    untill i reduced my resistance.

    so ideally 2 in resistances would be idea for normal tanking T2 / trash etc,
    allow 40 magic resistance
    1 conviction spare for block
    1 for big heal

    for big boss fights last boss in GSB or even death blast etc from DM ( i know been nerf'ed badly)
    Stack 3 tranfers into resistances (+60 to all)
    would allow one more for blocking or healing

    or if really alot of magic and you dont need to block at all
    you could stack up to 4 resistances (+80 to all)
    and you couldnt use Block.

    Please give me your feed back

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    feed back people even if you think its a bad idea at leats flame me hehe

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