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Thread: Suggestion: New Bladedancer ability, Dance Partner.

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    Default Suggestion: New Bladedancer ability, Dance Partner.

    First off this is not all my idea, I saw it suggested a while ago and am giving it again with some of my ideas.

    So Bladedancers use dode and parry as a major part of their playstyle, with reactive abilities and damage buffs that come only after dodging/parrying. This new ability would help fix the issue of running a Bladedancer in an instance where you never dodge or parry.

    I have two ideas to implement an ability like this, the first, a Synthesis type buff the rogue places on a friendly target, this buff would give the target an additional 3-5% parry and dodge change, or maybe a % of the rogues dodge and parry, and allow the Rogue to get its abiities and buffs based on the targets dodges and parries. Meaning the rogue will put Dance Partner on the tank and whenever the tank dodges or parries the rogue will get Contra Tempo, Turn the Tide, be able to use Reprisal and Disengage, and possibly get a proc of Strike Back.

    My second suggestion is basically the same, except Dance Partner would be a Rhythmic Ability, still placed on the tank, but will provide a very large boost to the targets dodge and parry for the duration. This wouldnt be as great because it only makes dodge and parry abilities useful when it's active, but it does add another rhythmic ability, which is fun.

    Thanks for Reading, I hope you like it, leave comments and suggestions down below, and please keep it constructive.

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    I like this idea as it does help keep their viability in instances as DPS without hurting the soul's obvious riftstalker synergy by altering or removing the dodge/parry mechanic entirely.

    The only thing i can think of that might not work out so well with this is PvP, where you can put this on another rogue or player and then get their dodge/parrys and yours both counting which may lead to things proccing more often than they should for balance. That said, if the buff replaces who counts for the dodge/parry entirely (so that when the buff is used the rogue's own dodges/parrys no longer count, only those of the player the buff is placed on) then it wouldn't be an issue. if it would even be one in the first place.
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