We all dread the name Eternal Planar Dust, it takes a while to get when you are grinding rifts, invasions and footholds at best, costly on the auction house at worst.

Pre-patch I began having an excess of this and started to use it to make Heroic flasks for raiding, I felt this was an okay progression as I no longer used them to create items and would rather have more + better flasks instead of making money with them.

That is as a tank mind you, there is a clear disparity between tank, physical dps and caster vials that I think should either be addressed or the ability to get this ingredient dramatically increased to meet its new demands.

Before we could use them for crafting items, selling on the auction house and in the case of casters 1 dust per two vials (3 in total for regular+heroic). Post-patch we now have crafting lures which are great but also require 6 dusts per on top of what we previously used them for, this is not a big deal for non casters but I believe it is definitely unreasonable for casters.

Upping the drop rate of eternal planar dust all round would lower the cost on the auction house (increased supply), alternatively you could cut down the mats for caster flasks which would keep dust a strong money maker & make the life of raiding casters much nicer.

You may be thinking, 15~ (guestimate) dusts a week to raid and do your crafting lure is really not that bad, but there is a definite time investment or a steep platinum cost involved & the witchstones casters need are also quite a pain ontop of that. Yes, weaponstones are no walk in the park but lets compare totals (not including tank flask, ours is the easiest)


Mighty Brightsurge (intelligence+wisdom)
total = 4 Twilight Bloom Roots, 1 Tempestflower Stem, 1 aqua regia (apothecary mat vendor), 1 eternal planar dust, 1 empty runed flask

Mighty Powersurge (strength+dexterity)
total = 4 twilight bloom roots, 1 tempestflower stem, 1 aqua regia(apothecary mat vendor), 1 empty runed flask

Both heroic vials take 2 dust, casters need 1 dust extra. On my server they average 7 plat and up.

copy pasta from my guild's forum:

Sacred Fetish
2x Hollow Bone
1x Bloody Fang
10x Vinegar Concoction (vendor)

Then break them down, and they occasionally return mats along with Boney Fragments or Sturdy Jaws
Combine 5 of one of the two
5x Boney Fragment = 1x Processed Bone
5x Sturdy Jaw = 1x Refined Bone
Final Crafting
2x Refined Bone = 1x Burning Witchstone (15% crit)
2x Processed Bone = 1x Sparkling Witchstone (10% crit)

Massive Weaponstones!
Refined Wood, Premium Grinding Stone

I can't find any written guide like the witchstones, if you actually know what in entirety it takes to make the massive stones please write it down, I'd appreciate it. As you can see the process is similar and annoying for each, breaking down items hoping for fragments and widgets to make what you need.

Shaving off 1 eternal planar dust from the caster flask would be the most fair route if you wont consider increasing the drop rate. I hope this has given some perspective on the current time investment and cost of raiding prepared, and that you may decide to make some improvements as a result. Thank you for reading and please add your own thoughts/feedback.