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Thread: Warfront: The Chasm of Elements

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    Default Warfront: The Chasm of Elements

    Deep within the sands of Shimmersand lies an ancient Eth temple. For years this temple lay dormant, untouched by sentient hands and guarded eternally by the golems constructed by its former masters. However as the Ward shifts and fluctuates a flaw in it is revealed at the entrance to the temple, and dozens of fissures and leaks have begun funneling planar energies into the world. What twisted magic had weakened the ward and either killed or ran off the inhabitants is unknown, but both Guardian and Defiant warbands have begun invading the area, hoping to capitalize on the newly found power sources.

    The Chasm of the Elements is a 10-15 man Warfront that would revolve around a mobile king of the hill element. Every so many minutes 1-4 "Planar Leaks" expose themselves in the zone with an announcement, after so many minutes they'll collapse. To capture a Leak/Fissure one must just stand near it and the team with the most people will push the bar closer to capture for their side. The team that has the most control of the fissure/leak when it collapses will be given points and buffed. Being the fickle things that the Fissures and Leaks are, they're very easily captured if undefended and even ones that look under your team's control could miraculously change hands after a single foe joins the conflict.

    As a note, the map will show you no information on who is currently capturing a Fissure or Leak, you will have to pay attention to Warfront chat or find out yourself. This allows ninjaing to take place and scouting/defending to be paramount.

    =Planar Leak Buffs=
    When the Leak collapses it will buff nearby members of the controlling faction with an extended buff, while not powerful in nature it does give your team a minor edge that can turn the tide in close conflicts.

    Life Leaks will give all nearby players a heavy healing HOT that heals at a rate of x% per second for y seconds.

    Fire Leaks will give all nearby players a damage bonus of x% for y seconds.

    Water Leaks will give all nearby players a massive energy/power/mana regen that recovers x% per second for y seconds.

    Earth Leaks will give all nearby players a damage taken reduction of x% for y seconds.

    Death Leaks will apply a massive DOT to all members of the non-controlling team for y seconds.

    =Planar Fissures=
    Planar Leaks have a chance to spawn as a more potent version called a "Planar Fissure". Instead of buffing players upon collapsing, however, they explode for immense amounts of damage (of the type they are) nearly killing every player in a large vicinity around the Fissure. However Fissures are worth a much larger amount of points than Leaks and tend to "reset the playing field" essentially once they collapse. They'll be the giant cluster$*#& of fighting and most people will probably charge straight into them. This could prove beneficial (being the team to wrestle final control seconds before it collapses) or detrimental (failing to capture it in the final seconds and watching your whole team as well as the enemies get wiped out).

    The Sons of Thedeor are a mighty collective of Guardian soldiers willing to throw away their lives at Thedeor's beck and call. Zealous madmen to some, heroic legends to others, these men sacrifice their lives daily in battle to help push back the Rifts. Their templar-esque order has taken to the Chasm of Elements as a neverending battlefield. As long as the Fissures and Leaks are spawning, there will be Defiant and Planar present, and where there are Defiant or Planar, there will be battle.

    Orphiel's Children are wayward magi of the Defiant, seeking to collect as much energy from the Fissures and Leaks as their Lord Orphiel needs for his technomagic inventions. They hope that through collection of these pure essences of the Planes they can essentially create a weapon strong enough to close the Rifts for good (or wreak havoc on the Guardians).

    Both factions will provide a wide variety of goods for their chosen warriors and have a large variety of quests available in the new warfront.

    =The Map=
    Chasm of the Elements takes place in front of a large Eth temple complex. The conflict itself is fought right outside the gate of the temple in an open sand pit. Defiant spawn to the Southwest, and Guardians to the Northwest, pretty close to eachother (both camps have guards and are NOT elevated as in other Warfronts). From the camp you can either run straight down to the "playing field" or across then down and possibly conflict with the other faction attempting to do the same. The playing field is mostly open terrain with a lot of temple decorations, some pillars and rocks can provide line of sight blockers to protect yourself from ranged fire or to adequately sneak up on a Leak.

    The map itself is quite expansive (as opposed to my poor render of it) and you may choose to abandon much farther away Fissure in exchange for a much closer Leak. The entire map is also shrouded in Sandstorms to make visibility not the greatest (not TERRIBLE but some annoyance). Leaks and Fissures will do the ground effects of their appropriate rifts and of varying sizes depending on whether its a leak or fissure.

    Map Render: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v7...in2/ElMapo.png
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