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Thread: Dungeon theme suggestions

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    Default Dungeon theme suggestions

    Some could call the following "cliqué" but I would personally love to see interior dungeons with the following themes:

    Egyptian: Interiors of pyramids, flickering torches, dark shadows, "Anubis" looking mobs, mummies, undead, Sphynx type mobs, scarabs.

    Greek: Tombs and Labrynths, Minotaurs, Giant Scorpions, Gorgons, Cyclops. Underground rivers with ferry boats manned by hooded skeletons.

    Norse: Ice Giants, Valkyries, ice encrusted caves. The Kraken. Runes that act like switches for doors / hidden entrances etc.

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    yeah, how about we get some more zones and stuff to suit these themes?

    yeah, k.


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