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Thread: Less Dismounting and Shared Banks

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    Default Less Dismounting and Shared Banks

    I'd like to see less need to dismount in the game - such as when harvesting or maybe even reapplying buffs. No, people shouldn't be able to fight on mounts in combat (at least not with those gigantor mounts some folks have), but it'd be nice not to have to remount every time I stop to harvest a node for materials.

    Also, I know guild banks are in the works. Based on that, I'd also like to see shared bank bag slots for all the alts of a current character on the same shard (probably restrict to all Guardians or all Defiants as well). Sure, we can mail things back and forth, but when one of my alts is harvesting for my crafters it'd be swell to save some effort there.

    Nothing major, but just nice wants.

    Great work so far with the updates!

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    Harvesting on mounts would be good. I might even use mine if I wasn't constantly mounting and dismounting.

    Shared banks are definitely necessary; having to log and mail between characters all the time is silly.

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