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Thread: CC immunity for all

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    Default CC immunity for all

    If one of the biggest damaging classes has pure CC immunity

    Should not all classes have the same?

    Or is Rift going to the way of Warhammer and allow this games Bright Wizards to ruin what is a pretty well thought out game

    I mean Ill stand in one spot with my MM with a 30% damage damage Reduction now way to get stunned sure why not
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    1.- Please search before posting a new thread. or atleast try to scroll down the page (there's a post about this very thing about half way down right now)

    2.-Homogenization is bad for PvP and Class based MMOs in general imo. Giving everyone cc makes that semi mandatory and makes souls like dominator be weakened severely. Class balance should be Rock paper scissors style. Yes they're strong against cc, weaken them against ranged or knockback. Giving everyone the same abilities makes them play in similar ways and can make every class and role start to feel the same. I trust Trion will make them weaker without fail, even if they don't take out the cc immunity. They will not leave them OP so there will be balanced out around that ability if it's still left in once 1.2 goes live.
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