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Thread: New forum section

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    Default New forum section

    A special section for discussions or "critiques" of the game. This would include all of the nerf/OP/et al. topics. It would unclutter the class forums especially. Oft times I check them and someone asks a question and in 2 mins, the 20 QQ/class rants run it off the front page. Would be nice for certain sections to deal only with questions/helping people. Not OMFG nerf bright wizards now/rogues dps is terribad.

    If the name "Critiques" is a little pompous, you could always go with "The Toilet" or something equally as catchy ;)

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    Seconded. General needs a Critiques/Concerns subforum too, so people can complain about the low population, go into long-winded rants about how Rift isn't meeting expectations and make other useless posts without disrupting the rest of the gaming populace.

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