Trial & Error, the phrase that pays.

In a recent post, I madly stormed through a long-winded message to voice my frustration with a game I've quickly come to love. Let me retract my former post to some extinct and apologize for the eye sore it was said to be. However, I would also like to acknowledge, reading it with a Charlie Sheen voice, truly was funny as 4311.

However, while still young, I do feel there are some real concerns to this games popularity. Perhaps young is an idea of perception, however, as I've been playing this game for almost as long as the beta had been in existence. Thus, I no longer feel the same "fresh" emotion as those still new to the release. With the previous in mind, I feel it is long past time to introduce much more extensive PVP.

As mentioned in a previous post on this subject, I strongly feel the game is not living up to the "hype" displayed by the creators alone about PVP. As a developer, I also feel it is simply not living up to its full potential. For instance, world PVP could be much more involving if a more rewarding system were created and "markers" were placed specifically for world PVP. This formula has worked well with games like Warhammer Online and truly creates an optimal path for creating military tactics with small teams on a larger environment than a simple fishbowl.

This fishbowl I mention, I suppose I should explain. Though, most MMORPG regulars already understand, the concept is simple. MMO's like this and WoW place the majority of their PVP in small events, labeled in this game as "warfronts". Now, don't cast a down eye upon me yet, as I agree, these are fun. However, the rewards are no where as fulfilling as "ganking" someone in the game world. I say this after having played each one, for each tier, more than a hundred times. Eventually, these small fishbowls become, to say the least, repetitive. The repetition might not be so bad if there was more to gain. For myself, I have seen a very slowed increase in Exp; getting as little as 2 to 3% per win at level 42. This again makes simple questing the only real way to level. The quest aren't so bad, but if you think fishowls are repetitive, wait till you quest 15 levels.

While it is still young, I hope to do more than complain. I do have some suggestions I believe could make the PVP as interesting and rewarding as "interviews" during beta claimed it would be. The first of such suggestions is simple. I'd like to see an MMO of this style finally incorporate a sports style ladder system, that can somehow e checked both online and in game. Perhaps add a Record Keeper to whom you report when you're ready for your warfronts to be counted and gain rank among others in the real world. These ranks could be divided into several leagues and high end ranks can have a chance to gain extra goodies to show off on their character. These could be very well be PVP rewards worth looking for. This could also be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship with the already poplar video game sporting leagues and in an element rarely seen. Not to mention, this would truly push people to make real use of the extremely diverse class system this game has to offer. Developers, do you really wanna see your awesome and diverse class system pushed to its limit? I know I would if this was my baby.

Also, arena, need I say more? If you have played any MMO before, and were involved in a "love for the PVP", then you already understand the importance of an Arena system. Possibly one for each tier even. Although, this game has much more potential than its WoW counter part. To further explain, let's refer back to the fishbowl. A fishbowl in arena is a little different but the concept is the same. A small ring coupled with little in environment change creates a quickly repetitive and boring system. I don't mind a loading screen, if the arena is going to be changing, possibly on a random algorithm, thus keeping competitors on their toes. I know this might be a bit of a silly request, but the idea is not only to keep the system rewarding, but keep it from getting boring as well. The possibility already exist to create extensive and even random environment variables such as building placement, terrain changes, and even NPC interference. Of course, lest we not forget, a reward system, complete with its own ladder and items that can be gained with little faction standing.

Faction standing is another tried element I feel holds many errors. For instance, in this game alone, I've played hundreds if not a thousand or more PVP matches, have plenty of PVP points, and have only bought a few pieces of PVP items. The reason I have so much PVP currency is simple, faction standing. As soon as I have the faction standing to by a PVP item, it is completely beneath my level and useless to equip. As a result of the aforementioned "fishbowl runs", I have more PVP currency than God and nothing to spend it on. Why, would PVP gear even take so much faction standing, when the gear is meant for PVP arenas that have no relation to any one faction?

In conclusion, let it be said, that these elements, while young and/or non-existent in this particular game, are not new concepts by any means. Many have already been tried, and errors already found. Thus I don't feel a post of this nature to be "too soon." In fact, I find this a very long waited concern of many MMO gamers still waiting to be answered. Of course, I could simply be playing the game with the wrong frame of mind.

In one last note in this post I'd like to address the recent "World Event." Simply my personal opinion, but I feel it was quite the snooze fest, to say the least. There appeared to be very little world content that contained any end result worth taking on the quest for. What quest I did participate in, appeared no different from any other quest in the game. There was one exception to the previous statement, in that the WE quest offered me practically nothing useful. I gained little if any Exp, no armor or weapons of interest, and no vanity items that I'd really care for. I quickly abandoned the WE and simply quested in levels during most of it, as it just wasn't interesting enough.

I hope this post gains a little more notability than my last, and I really hope developers don't see it as much a QQ, as it is meant more for "suggestion." Perhaps, in time, this game will appease me more, but for now, I'm starting to lose interest. I don't know how many people can relate, but I really don't want to lose interest, thus the reason for this post. Like many, I simply seek something "more" than "WoW-style." However, the current "feeling" is this game is quickly turning into nothing more than an updated WoW with "less world activities." Please, prove me wrong, I truly want you too.

Thank you for your time and your consideration,
A Faemist Shard Fan