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Thread: Remove callings

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    Default Remove callings

    Change the soul system to where people can just choose 4 souls per role and they can eventually get every soul disregarding calling.

    This way the Pyro won't be so powerful as everyone from Healer, Tank and DPS will be able to choose it and get Ground of Strength to provide a CC immunity while they fight.

    Of course the limitations on armor need to be removed since everyone can be everything as long as they all have Ground of Strength in their build they will be viable.
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    As I said in another of your posts, imo, Homogenization of classes is not healthy for PvP or class based MMOs.

    While it's an interesting thought and a way to remove balance issues, completely removing limits and even adding a fourth soul per role, will lead to unaccounted for combos and drastically change balancing. Not everyone would want to take Pyro for GoS but if they didn't they would be at a serious disadvantage. In addition of everyone had GoS, cc would be effectively useless, making souls like dominator useless. There would arise a few massively powerful builds and all others of the hundreds of combinations would be impractical and useless in PvP. This would require them to rebalance Everything and not only that, but instead of looking out how the other 8 souls would interact with each change to a soul they'd need to look at 35 other souls for each tweak and how they would react.

    All told I think this would complicate things more than it would help. For class systems a Rock paper scissors style is a far better way to balance then trying to completely level all combos to one level.
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    I think imo is trying to say the same thing i was.

    From what i understand the same person responsible for the Bright Wizard crap in warhammer is in charge of mages or something

    if this is true, He's already cost one Gaming company 100 of thousands of subscriptions with his contribution to warhammers 1.2 patch is trion going to allow him to do they same to there game?

    Pyro's are way to over powered and everyone that gets hit with a 2500 point spell followed a 1500 one when u have 5000 hits knows it u cant stun em and the exact same thing is happening in Rift that happened in Warhammer

    One or two pyros, that cant be knocked out of that Grounding of noSkill thing, cant be stunned and one healer can descimate and entire warfront group of the opposing faction.
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