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Thread: Non-combat Log improvements

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    Default Non-combat Log improvements

    Just some suggestions, assuming anyone reads this and cares.

    1. Separate log files generated each time /log is used (instead of compiling everything into one big file (or do both))

    2. Things not displayed (or which are disabled) in-game are still logged (other people crafting, for example)

    3. Add location information along with the time stamps.

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    I'd like to see a different log for each tab I have on my chat. This would be a solution for #2 in the OP.
    My dungeon experiences and builds as a 2h Cleric tank are posted on my blog. All T1 and most T2 expert dungeons complete.

    I've also posted the coordinates for all exploration achievements on my website (redesign in the works): http://tehkrizz.net/RIFT/exploration.php

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