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Thread: More items added to Plaque of Achivement Vendors

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    Default More items added to Plaque of Achivement Vendors

    Can we get some more upgradeable equipment added to the plaque vendors? Would be nice to get some super upgrades for 300-400 plaques or something along that line.

    I'm a semi-hardcore player who's not in a hardcore raiding guild, so when i get on I usually run 2-3 T2's and noticed I have almost 600 plaques but nothing to spend it on... not to mention I'm the unluckiest person when it comes to drops b/c in the past 2 weeks of running T2's, I haven't seen a single upgrade drop for me. It's a little frustrating and disheartening.

    Kind of makes the game feel pointless and is burning me out, I just want to buy one upgrade or two to get me happy again and feeling fresh/ready to run T2's again.

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    I am part of a tiny guild who consists of just enough of us to run 5 mans, We've talked about recruiting but the best players you find, often find you instead. We like running dungeons together, but we pretty much have all of our plaque gear. ( I don't really want most of my healing t2 because it just doesn't seem like good stats for my build) and I have been lucky enough to see some drops that were upgrades. I don't need the catalysts for my crafting, so I'm just sitting on these plaques

    I would love to just see more options. Most of them aren't game breaking upgrades, and all the dropped gear seems better but it still would be nice to see some rings, trinkets, necklaces, etc for plaques. More crafting supplies would be nice too maybe. A ton of options here. I don't want the plaques to be worthless like many of the planar currencies =(

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