Hi there i have an feeling noone care about the none us forums since start 80-90% in our forum (the de version) say no to addons like the wow crap ones

we dont need dps meter

we dont need armory

we dont need deatly boss mod

we dont need such ****

many players fleed wow cause playing there just sucks

everyone can seee everything about your char your skill points the last things you have done

this is no game this is big brother watching you

there where mmorpgs before wow

things like dark age of camelot/starwars galaxies even everquest or ultima online

we where friends noone was dismissed cause he didnt have "kick the mob 5 times in the *** and you slap him in his face for free skill"

rift is running a few month more and more if i cant the beta

players love to play raids and inis at max lvl without this ****ty wow addons

a FEW yes a FEW want those same **** addons cause they play 24/7 and want a way to show everyone what they have been able to

watch the forums folks players getting angry cause to lissen to this few people

if you want to allow addons close the door and allow players to set options to on or off if other players can see things about there char

i dont need an amory where all my aktivity over the last month is listed like an logbook for the public

noone needs to see my skillings or the items i wear

discuss here and pls reply seems like we need a realy big fat thread before and dev may notice what they do