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Thread: Harrassment Issues (Players Covering NPC's)

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    Default Harrassment Issues (Players Covering NPC's)

    Players going into Lichform(while supposively being AFK for 2 hrs like LYXNARIA on Wolfsbane) has been doing for the past 2 hrs on the Auction House NPC, Also Players Mounted and Coviering NPCs so no one can get or turn in Quests.

    First Solution: Make NPCs have a Auto-Dismount Ability with a 5 meter radius.
    Second Solution: NPC's Attack Anyone standing on them for more than 2 seconds, The NPC Debuff said player making them PVE in a Literal Sense.... Meaning Guardians can attack Guardians and Defiants attack other Defiants. This way their "fellow" players get to Exact Extreme Justice on them without them being able to Retaliate.
    Final Solution: Punishment and Extreme Punishment so players will know Dev's are not messing around and do not tolerate this kind of behavior: (see below)
    * First Offense: Teleport to Nearest Graveyard No Death
    ** Second Offense: Complete Death Zero Vitality Sould
    *** Third Offense: Banned for a Week

    This kind of Harrassment because that is exactly what thas is NEEDS to be Addressed. THE PUNISHMENT NEEDS TO BE EXTREME .... Guarantee once it happens once or twice players will stop this rude behavior. If they want to act like 2 yr olds treat them as such.


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    Yah it is fairly inconsiderate. Probably the easiest way to implement this and stop griefing is to allow 'interact with NPC' to be keybound so you don't have to click them for dialogue/menu.

    Thus, someone blocks the NPC with their mount: all you have to do is /tar (first few letters of NPC name) and hit the keybind for 'interact with NPC'. Then they can block the NPC all they like and ppl can still quest/vendor on unhindered.

    The next level up in complexity would prolly be making the NPC solid so it could not be stood on or blocked, together with a small dismount radius.

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